Welcome to Uniquely for You, I am so glad you are here. A little bit about myself and my family….

I am 38 years old and have been married for 18 years, I have 3 boys that are 21, 20 and 13. I also have 3 furbabies 2 pit bulls Freyja and Brutus and a basset hound Daisy then we have a furball Siamese cat named Titan.

I am an extreme couponer and I use to run a website just for couponing. I stopped years ago because there are just so many out there. A lot has changed for my family and I over the last couple years which are all good things. My husband started his own business doing vinyl decals, he also does t-shirts and kitchen ware, honestly he can vinyl just about anything. I also started selling Paparazzi Jewelry which I absolutely love!

In addition to those changes we both had the gastric sleeve surgery which has forever changed our lives. He has lost over 200 pounds and I have lost over 100 pounds, we are still striving to reach our goals.

Here at Uniquely for You, you will find my Paparazzi information, my homemade beauty products, my husbands vinyl products, recipes, weight-loss tips, photography, deals and steals and so much more.

A little bit more about me to bring me back down to earth:

I am a vampire, zombie, supernatural lover along with a lover of books, I think I seriously have a book addiction!

With all that being said,  I am glad you are here and hope you find something for you here on Uniquely for You!