Daily Inspiration 3/15/17



I tell of hearts and souls and dances…Butterflies and second chances; Desperate ones and dreamers bound, Seeking life from barren ground, Who suffer on in earthly fate, The bitter pain of agony hate. Might but they stop and here forgive, Would break the bonds to breathe and live, And find that God in goodness brings A chance for change, the hope of wings. To rest in Him, and self to die, And so become a butterfly. 

Karen Kingsbury

We are in an unprecedented time of change and transformation. If we will allow the message of resurrection and renewal resound within us, and give Spirit full reign to do the work that must be done, we WILL begin to see a complete metamorphosis of thought, action and “being” made manifest in ourselves and our world. Beyond that which we may even yet, fully comprehend. Let us yield to the Spirit of grace, and tap into that Divine flow of being from on High. 

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