Phineas and Ferb – Ferbtastic Workout


Exercising as an adult isn’t always easy, we sometimes find excuses not to. We need to make sure we keep our kids moving though obesity is severely on the rise especially in kids! Here is a fun way to get the moving while still being able to do something they like & that is by exercising to Phineas & Ferb

Watch an episode and when you hear the trigger catch phrases get moving!

Hey, Where’s Perry”? = 5 jumping jacks

Whatcha doin”? = 5 criss crosses

Tri-State Area” = somersault

Mom”! = Running in place 5 counts

You guys are so busted” = 2 push-ups

Good morning agent P” = jump in place 5 counts

Curse you Perry the platypus = 5 twisting to touches

See what”? = bottom kicks 5 counts

If Ferb talks = hop on 1 foot 5 counts each foot

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