Transformation Tuesday 3/21/17

The picture on the left was of me 2 years ago, the picture on the right was taken 10 minutes ago!

I am still on a roller coaster adventure since my gastric sleeve, and to be honest with you it’s very hard work and when you slip up it’s even harder! I am ashamed to announce that I have gained 15 pounds but I am putting it out there to call myself out and hold myself accountable! I had been sick for a very long time and unable to make it to the gym, now my mother in law is in the hospital so I have that going on, I try to do a bit from home but I am physically and mentally exhausted, all can be excuses but are still the truth. I have been eating out from being on the run and my biggest problem is I have been depressed so honestly I am not eating enough which I think is my reason for gaining!

I will prevail though, I will lose this 15 pounds, I will get back down to where I was and I will eventually be happy in my own skin!



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