The 28-Day Squat Challenge


I wonder how much truth is in that above statement? I am not a big fan of squats, it hurts my knees more than it bothers me anywhere else. I always laugh with my husband saying I can do a plie all day but a squat pfft, I don’t think so…lol….but in all seriousness I found a challenge on My Fitness Pal, it’s the 28 Day Squat Challenge.

This challenge looks awesome, and if you are trying to loose weight or tone up you should give this challenge a try! You will do a different squat variation each week for a month. The variations get more difficult as the month progresses. Each day has a target number or reps for which you should aim. You can do them all in one go or spread them out throughout the day. If you fail to reach the target number of reps with perfect form you must go back to the beginning of that 7 day period. You may not have heard of each variation, so how to do them properly is explained in the My Fitness Pal Post.

Ready to get started? Click here!

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