Good Form Can Go A Long Way


A few thing that I have learned over the years.

First most people who lift think that their way is the best way I feel that this is simply not true it may be for them but everyone is different! As a lifter I have seen a lot of people start out lifting with very bad habits and poor form!

It is key to learn proper form to keep you health and as pain free as possible I think once you understand the movements of your body and good form you can tackle any workout. I would encourage everyone to pickup a fitness magazine and really read it you can get a lot of good information on workout routines tips and tricks but remember it is hard to teach yourself proper form.

I think for some reason our brain does not register that we are swinging the weight or we trick ourselves into thinking we are doing and exercise properly. If you are able to work with someone that you have confidence in to teach you proper form that is the best place to start and then you can learn what workout is Best suited for your body and its ability!

Written by: Cory (my husband and personal trainer)

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