Why You Should Follow Uniquely for You


You might be asking why follow Uniquely For You?

I’ve told you a little bit about myself but not why I created this website (blog)… I ran a blog about five years ago it was strictly a couponing blog, I loved every minute of it but had to give it up for multiple reasons. Since my surgery I have wanted to do something special that I can call my own, I want to be connected and reach people for many different reasons. I love to blog so I figured this was the best way I could do what I wanted to do.

As of right now things are going slow, currently my mother in law is in ICU and that is my primary focus, however I try and post a few things here and there to give you an idea of what this site is going to be like. It is going to grow though, as of right now I don’t post a lot and my primary has been recipes and diy stuff, there is going to me more on health, workouts and eventually savings & deals! Its going to be an all around one stop site.

In addition to that I am also an independent consultant for a few different companies which you can find on the main website page. I want to be there for people, to help in any way I can or just to give someone something to read to take their minds off of whatever may be going on.

With all that being said, stick around, share with your friends, when I grow even bigger there will be more exciting things like giveaways, games etc. the one thing you will never see from my site though (if you follow me on Facebook) is your news feed blown up by only my posts, I will not be posting around the clock like a lot of sites do. I have my “business hours” just like any other job.

I hope you enjoy what I have done so far and stick around for whats to come!



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