Build a Better Body using Tire Flip Training


My husband brought home tractor tires sometime last week, I honestly thought “this will be a fun workout” HA! Not really! I can honestly now say it was harder than I thought it would be but at the same time I had some kind of fun doing it. The tires he brought home for me are a bit heavy for me, I needed a bit of help initially getting up but I know one day I will be able to do it all on my own. My youngest son was out there with me (he has his own little tire) and my hubs was coaching us. I had to move the tire part of the yard, I then had to beat it with a sledge-hammer.


After I beat up my tire (pretending it was my trainer), just joking on that one but I then had to do planks. My youngest son had to flip his tire, do sit-ups and the run to a near by building. He also proceeded to do planks with me. I didn’t even need to leave my house to get in a good workout. By the time I was done I was exhausted! I can’t find any documentation on how many calories you burn while doing this but I will tell you it was a GREAT workout!


Build a Better Body using Tire Flip Training…

3 Simple Tire Flip Workout Guidelines…

Flip a tire 35-to-100 times or flip it for 50-to-100 yards and…

Use a tire that is not too light or too heavy so…

Too heavy = you can only flip it 1-to-2 times before you need to rest

Too light = you can flip a tire 10-to-20 times without stopping

Moderate or just right = you can flip tire 5-to-10 times without stopping and…

Take 3-to-10 days off between tire flip workouts and…

You can burn more fat & build more muscle each tire flip workout by…

Doing 35-to-100 tire flips or flipping a tire 50-to-100 yards faster & faster each workout and/or…

Adding exercises like Jumping jacks or jogging in place to your workouts and/or…

Using a heavier tire (or any other heavy object you can lift & flip)


Kids can do it too, it’s a great way to get them active with you, you just need a smaller tire, everything else you do in between the tire flips they can do too!


The picture that is above this is me, the one on the left was Christmas of 2014, the one on the right was of October 2016. Now I did not lose all the weight from just tire flipping. I’ve been very honest about having weight-loss surgery but in order to achieve your goals even with the surgery you have to put in the work! Tire flipping “Boot Camp” is a great way to be outside, out of the gym and get a full body workout in, it’s also a great way of saying “no excuses!”

All of the pictures shown of me doing the “tire bootcamp” were before surgery!

For more great information on tire flipping, and videos click here!

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