Daily Inspiration 3/27/17

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Your ego wants to predict and control everything The secret is getting your ego out of the way so you can remember what you have forgotten you know.

Paradigm Shift

There is a steady conflict that arises within us as we pursue the spiritual A clash between our ego desires and what we know to be Divine truth. And it is a conflict that cannot be reconciled. The ego is comprised of all the illusions of ourselves, and others, that we have created in our own minds…it thrives and can only survive in a state of belief that embraces duality, separation and a sense of turmoil and discord. We must daily make the choice, between laying all of that down and being led of the Holy Spirit, or once more buying in to the game of illusions. It is only through consciously making that choice, each and every day, that the connection can be made and maintained, to that which we truly are in God.      

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