A Manic State of Mind


Being bipolar definitely has its ups and downs, the manic episodes can be just as bad as the depressive ones. For me most of the time when I’m manic, I can’t sleep, or I clean a lot but can’t focus on one task at hand or I feel the need to shop and spend money that I really don’t have.

Each person that goes through these episodes have different reactions. Last night has been horrible for me, with everything going on in my family I was exhausted, I went to bed around 1 wound up getting up at 2:30 I went back to bed at 3:30 and wounded up getting back up at 5:30 it’s like my brain just doesn’t want to let go and rest.

You learn coping skills to go with this but sometimes there really is no way to cope you just got to let it take it’s course especially when it’s happening for a specific reason that something has triggered it.

I speak of my depression and anxiety cause I want to be open and I want to be there for someone out there that can maybe relate and know that they are not alone.

As I sit here typing this up I took a nerve pill and a sleeping pill hoping to shut my brain off just long enough to get a couple more hours of sleep in before I have to deal with the daily grind.

If you are bipolar and you suffer from manic episodes you aren’t alone there is help out there and I am here for you too!

For more information on manic episodes click here!



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