When it Rains it Pours


11 years ago I lost my best friend my mom, 9 days ago I lost my other best friend, my other mother my mother-in-law. Days go on, time keeps passing away but some how you move on….

In our case it has been a battle over the last 9 days, 2 days later my son was jumping on his trampoline his earring got caught in the netting and ripped it completely out, he had to have stitches! The very next day my husband had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital for extreme dehydration, his vitals were so low I honestly thought I was getting ready to lose him. This past Monday I was going to walk one of my dogs and I tripped and fell causing road rash to my knee and twisting my ankle. Yesterday I fell the exact same way (it was like watching an instant replay on a football game). Only this time I actually broke my ankle in 2 different places!

I am currently waiting to get in to see an orthopedic doctor to get a cast and find out if I will need surgery.

You may ask why am I telling everyone all this? I need an outlet, a way of trying to deal with everything that is currently going on in our lives. I also want people to know its okay! Grief takes place in many types of forms, loss takes a while to move on from….eventually we will all be okay.

I saw a saying today which I know I have seen before but it was on a piece of jewelry, it said “I can and I will”…. I can survive all these trials, I will survive them! For the moment though I am just stuck in time which is slowly going by.

Now I want to take a moment saying to you who is reading this, this post is raw, it is from the heart, you will not find posts like these on everyone elses websites! Yes I post other information and as the website grows there will be more to come, but things like this the real day-to-day stuff is why I am hoping the site grows! I want to be able to help others in more ways than one! I can and I will!

I will see all of you soon, as I said in my last post it will be towards the end of next week when I am back up and running again every day (now because of my foot maybe longer) but I will be back.


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