Exercises to do from Home while you have a Broken Foot!


So I have done some research on google for some exercises I can do from home with my broken ankle, I have put all the best ones onto one page here and I also have the link to both sites where I got my information from in case you want to see pictures.

I realized with everything else that has been going on and now my broken ankle I haven’t been taking care of myself properly and I need to! 1. Because I had the gastric sleeve surgery, 2. It helps promote recovery and 3. Because well, I just want to!

Some of these you can do from the gym and others you can do straight from your house, it really just all depends on what equipment you have!

Use an arm bike. An arm bike is a cardiovascular exercise machine that looks like a stationary bike, but the pedals are for your hands instead of for your feet. Arm bikes come in a variety of styles, from ones that you can place on a tabletop or desk, to arm bikes that include a seat and a variety of resistance levels.[1]

To use an arm bike, sit down, put your hands in the pedals, and move your arms back and forth to turn the pedals.

Throw some punches. While you cannot do roundhouse kicks or other kickboxing moves with a broken leg, you can still punch. Punching the air, or shadowboxing, is a great cardiovascular workout.

To shadowbox, sit in a sturdy chair and clench your fists. Then, start punching the air in front of you. Continue to throw punches for around 30 minutes or for as long as you can. You can even divide your shadowboxing workouts into three 10 minute segments throughout the day.

Include various types of punches in your workout. For example, you can throw punches straight ahead of you called jabs, bend your arm in the shape of an “L” and throw a hook punch, or come up from below and deliver an uppercut.

Go for a walk on crutches. If you have a broken foot, then you may have been instructed to use crutches. You can walk on your crutches using a three-point method, which is when you place the crutches about six to 12 inches (30.5 cm) in front of you and then use your good foot to step into that position.[3]

Use your hands to support the weight of your body. Do not support your body weight with your armpits.

Do not put any more than light pressure on your broken foot.

Once you get over the initial soreness, the crutches actually help build abdominal and upper body strength. To strengthen the forearms and wrists for grasping the crutches, try wrist curls/extensors.

Wrist curls/extensors are performed holding dumbbells. Stabilize the forearm on a bench or chair and perform a few sets of 20 palm up, then 20 palm down. You will need more weight for the palm up variety.

Hand grip strengthener. Squeeze a tennis ball for 20 seconds, then release, repeat 1 dozen times, and repeat the whole set several times throughout the day.

Other exercises you should be able to do because they are performed seated, or lying down with dumbbells, tubing, stability ball, etc. include:

For back: Bent-over seated rows, reverse flys, supermans

For abs: Bicycle crunches, oblique crunches, knee-up crunches, lying down leg raises/lowering with stability ball between the ankles

Bent-knee pushups and dumbbell press and flys for chest, arms, back

For arms and shoulders: bicep curl-shoulder press combo, triceps extensions and dips, front and side dumbbell raises

Try walking around in your home for a few minutes per hour. You might also consider going around the block a couple of times per day when you start feeling stronger.

Just as important as all the above is STRETCHING. Every day, perform overall body stretches for 10 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning, and stretch in the bed for 10 minutes before you go to sleep.

Also, sound nutrition really promotes healing. During the healing process, the body needs increased amounts of calories, protein, vitamins A and C, and sometimes, the mineral, zinc. Don’t get discouraged – before you know it, you’ll be back on both your feet!

Thank you wiki how & home exercise coach

To view pictures or more information click on the links above!

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