So I don’t know how many of you have been following what has been going on, over a month ago my mother in law (aka) mama got really sick and passed away, 2 days later my son was jumping in his trampoline got is earing pulled out and had to have stitches, the very next day the hubs and to be rushed by squad to the ER we truly thought he was dying all of his stats were extremely low. The next day I sprained my ankle by falling, 2 days later I fell exactly the same way but I broke it this time in 2 different spots and tore some ligaments.

My hubby is over stressed, overwhelmed, in over his head and working too much on to many things while I just sit here. In June we are having a memorial benefit for my mother in law and Cory and I are the only ones really passing out flyers and looking for donations, there a few other people who we appreciate but for the size of our committee there should be more! Now mind you my dr has told me to only walk when necessary , I have a boot, I also have a Fitbit, so I try to stay under 1,000 steps a day, I haven’t been able to do that at all, but by the time I went to bed yesterday I had 8,000 steps.

Now I am completely and utterly sore, hardly can stand, swollen like I don’t know what and even more aggravated because I look around at this house and see all that needs done, and I just can’t to it. Being depressed is one thing, having anxiety is another BUT being bipolar and ADD with a broken ankle is not fun at all!

I am not writing this to vent I am writing to be real, I like to share things and until I have the full site up and running the way I want it to be I thought I would share some of my journeys, my days with you. I did find something a friend posted yesterday though that is going to be my new mantra….

“As you go throughout your day, keep an eternal perspective. What matters most in eternity is loving God and people. When we have the right perspective, the little frustrations of life fade away.”


Another good one from today!

“It’s easy to be our best when we’re getting good breaks and things are falling into place. That doesn’t take much faith. But what about when you’re working hard and not getting the credit; you’re honoring God but not seeing increase? Will you trust Him when it feels like you’re going in circles? Will you stay passionate when you’re doing the same thing over and over?”


That one hits home a lot right now!

Thank you guys for taking time to read, thank you for following, I hope more of you will come over to the dark side, May the 4th be with you!


Even though this was a serious post I had to have a little fun…lol


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